Spring Cleaning Your Scrapbook Supplies

It’s Spring and that means it is time for cleaning. There are two reasons I chose to write about spring cleaning your scrapbook area. The first, of course, is that spring has officially arrived and it is time to get moving on some spring cleaning around your home. The second reason, is because with all garage sale articles I have been writing, over in frugal living, I wanted to spring clean my scrapbook area as well, to make it neat and organized (and to make room for more stuff!).

Spring Cleaning your scrapbook area can be as easy as just sitting down and getting your stuff organized. Once you have your supplies organized, you will be able to view it all a bit better. You need to take note of what you have in stock, so when you are sitting down to create a layout, you have everything you need. Not to mention, that having everything organized makes it a faster process when you are ready to sit down and create a layout.

Although, leftover supplies can be donated to all kinds of locations, girl scouts, schools, shelters, etc., they can also become part of a grab bag at a garage sale. More on that in another article.

When you finally begin your spring cleaning project, and you are going through everything, you will need to make three piles of items. One is the pile of stuff you plan to keep, one is the pile you plan to donate or sell, and the third pile is for trash. I don’t think I need to explain to you what to do with your trash pile. However, what do you do with all the things you find that you might want to keep?

Check out the organization section in the scrapbooking blog for more ideas for storage, organization and storing supplies. Because your primary goal at this point is to get the things you wish to keep, organized nicely and to make it easier to locate and use.

More articles coming on organization and storage of scrapbook supplies.

The last pile to conquer is your donate or sell pile. If you are hosting a garage sale, then start preparing the items for the sale. Or if you use an online auction site, start getting the items listed so you can move them out of there fast. If you do not care one way or the other what happens to them, then donate them! Schools, daycares, hospitals, children’s centers, community centers and so many other locations will take the supplies and use them.

It’s time to get started on that Spring Cleaning!

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