Spring Closet Cleaning

Where do I sign up for a HGTV cleaning pro to come to my house and revamp my closet? I need someone to help me deep-clean and organize my walk-in. Sabrina Soto… Vern Yip… Genevieve Gorder … PLEASE!!

Actually, my closet is not dirty, but it could use some restructuring. I am blessed to have a fairly large closet, but I know I am not using the space as effectively as I could be.

I’ve taken stabs at trying to organize my bedroom closet. Some have worked better than others. The winners are:

Seasonal Rotation

If space is exceptionally tight, then it is a good idea to rotate your wardrobe each season. All you need to do is remove items from your closet that you don’t need on a daily basis. For example, the mounds of tank tops and strapless sundresses you sport in the summer can be packed away during the fall and winter months to make room for sweaters and slacks. If you have a large closet, place the out-of-season items in the back of the space. If you have a smaller closet, I would suggest placing the seasonal items in space bags and storing them under your bed or stacking them in the guest room closet.

Color Coordinate

This is a technique I’ve been employing since college and it works to a certain degree. It is not 100 percent foolproof because it takes effort to maintain. If you slip up a few times it can negate all of your hard work. The key is to remove all of the items from your closet and start from scratch. Hang all of your shirts together, arranged by color, and then do the same for your jackets, skirts, slacks and dresses. If you don’t feel comfortable sorting by item, then group by category by placing the casual garments in one area and the dressy items in another.

Make Use of All Available Space

Get creative with your space by hanging racks on the back of your closet door. You can also add baskets, organizers and hooks on the walls of the closet. Use these organizational tools to sort scarves, purses, hats and other accessories.

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