Spring Fling

I have a confession to make. I want to have an affair. I want to sneak off for hours at a time. I want weekend getaways. I want hidden love notes in secret pockets. I want to have a fling.

Oh, don’t look so shocked! The man I want to have an affair with is married too. Yes, you got it – he’s my husband. I want to have an affair with the man I married. I want to have that spontaneity again. I want to have those stolen moments in the afternoon. I want to have those phone calls that leave you wearing that secret smile.

This is the spring that I plan to have a great fling.

I’ve already decided how I plan to court him. I’m going to start off by just being his secret admirer. I’m going to leave him little presents and tuck little notes into his clothes. I’m going to romance him with candlelight, treat bags and favored meals.

I’m going to surprise him. I’m going to tease him. I’m going to play hard to get all the while that I am pursuing him. I’d go into more detail, but this is a family blog and you can likely fill in the blanks yourself.

So, if you’re wondering why, I’ll share that too. Because every day, we do what’s expected of us. We take care of our family, our bills, our animals, our routines and our responsibilities. I’m going to do it because for six years we didn’t take a vacation together. I’m going to do it because for the last five years we get downtime together at best once a month and sometimes, not even then.

I’m going to do it because I want to. I want the thrill. I want the adventure. Don’t get me wrong, I love the routine; I live by the routine. I thrive on knowing where we are going, when we are going to get there and most of the stops along the way. But in my deepest, most honest moments – I’m worried about being bored. I’m worried about strangling on responsibility. I’m worried about forgetting what’s really important because I take it for granted.

Love should never be taken for granted. Romance is what we make of it. We’re not some couple from a romance novel and we never will be. We don’t have people chasing us through an action-adventure movie while we jump off of buildings either. But what is the point of life if we’re not really living it, but simply enduring it.

Indulge yourself this spring, cheat responsibility with some really forbidden fruit – have a fling with your spouse.

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