Spring Organization

Given how incredibly horrific the weather has been around here, there is no way I can possibly get my spring outdoor chores done right now. So much for cleaning gutters, sprucing up siding and picking up stray items from the yard; the 18 inches of snow that fell last week has put the kibosh on outdoor spring cleaning for at least another 10-14 days.

In the meantime, I have been trying to deep clean the inside of my home, including reorganizing my craft space. I am not fortunate to have an entire room dedicated to crafting; rather, I have a portion of a room and a closet set aside specifically to store craft items.

So far I have de-cluttered the area. I tossed a bunch of old materials, leftover projects and duplicate patterns. Doing so opened up space for me to shift some things around, including a couple of tables. They used to be placed in a T-shape and now they are shaped like the letter “L.” I also moved a bunch of junk that covered the valuable workspace, so now I will be able to spread out the materials I need for current projects without having to worry about mixing items.

In addition to rearranging the tables, I moved a couple of floor lamps, so that they shine on the surface of my workspace. I also added two new bulletin boards to the corner of the room, right above the tables. I already have a few pieces of fabric swatches and paper scraps pinned to the board so they don’t get lost before I can take them to the store to replenish my stock.

Finally, I added labels to the collection of plastic bins that are crammed with my crafting supplies. They used to contain pieces of tape marked with abbreviations that didn’t make sense two days after I wrote them. However, they now feature easy-to-read sticker labels which can be highlighted in different ink if I need to further distinguish them down the road.

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