Spring Sanity Savers


On the tenth day of spring break my second grader gave to me… a heart attack when she climbed our neighbor’s Lebanon Cedar tree.

Sing it now.

On the eleventh day of spring break my second grader gave to me…

If your child’s school spring break is pushing the limits on your sanity, then consider the following activities:

Spring Blooms: Get out and enjoy the fabulous spring weather by having your child collect a variety of blossoms. Look for daisies, roses or lilacs which can be pressed in between heavy books for a few days. When the flowers are flat and dry, place them in a scrapbook or arrange them in a pretty frame. Another way to show off your dried blooms is to create a crown. Twist three strands of floral wire together so it fits your child’s head. Next, glue the flowers to the wires and embellish with ribbon.

Beach Treasure Hunt: Take a day trip to the beach to collect natural treasures, such as shells and seaweed. Then, take your goodies home and use them to craft simple art projects like a beach-themed shadow box. Inexpensive shadow boxes can be purchased at craft or discount retailers. Your kids will have a blast filling them with their collectables and you can catch a break for a few minutes while your child exercises his creative muscles. If you have leftover shells that don’t fit into the shadow box, consider making a wreath. Simply glue the shells to a Styrofoam ring or even a circular wooden frame. If you have any gaps in between the shells go back and sprinkle some sand to fill in the empty spaces.

Indoor Fun: If your spring break is turning into a spring bummer because of rain that won’t go away, then have fun indoors making bouquets from coffee filters, pipe cleaners and crayons. Have your kids color the coffee filters with crayons or markers, then fold each in half, and then in half again. Next, wrap a pipe cleaner around the pointed end of the folded coffee filter to create a flower stem. Continue crafting the flowers until you have enough to fill an entire vase.

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