Springtime is the Time to Shop

Springtime is a great time to shop for new electronics, appliances, and furniture for your home. Many people buy houses or move in the spring, and retailers know that some people will be getting those long-anticipated income tax refunds. These factors lead to some great sales.

You may already be seeing ads, but if not, you soon will. Some stores and shops even offer no down payment, no sales tax, cash back, and no interest for a year, or other attractive enticements that encourage people to shop for big-ticket items. Some of these items are things people do not purchase frequently, such as computers, dishwashers, televisions, and new sofas.

So, if you are looking forward to an income tax refund, you might want to save some of it for furniture, electronics, or appliance shopping. Even if you don’t receive a refund, or not much of one, you can still take advantage of the great sales this time of year.

Sale!You can also practice your shopping skills. Many people don’t realize that such sales often include extra discounts. Big ticket items, especially furniture, have a high rate of mark up, so even the commissioned salesperson has some “wiggle room” when determining the price to charge you.

Be friendly, but be firm and let the salesperson know that you want the bottom line, best deal he or she has to offer. If it still doesn’t sound good enough, ask if he or she will knock off the cost of sales tax. If this is not possible, ask if an end table or lamp can be thrown in at that price.

Also, look for similar furnishings or appliances online or in catalogs and compare prices. It helps to go in knowing the approximate amount a particular piece should cost.

Many people don’t realize that there is room to bargain, but there is. If the sales staff won’t budge on the price, go elsewhere to shop. Somebody will offer you a great price, and it feels good to get the most for your money.