St. Patrick’s Day Fun

In a past article I discussed a St. Patrick’s Day activity to share with your children or students at school. In this article I will discuss another fun and exciting activity that young children love on St. Patrick’s Day.

I have also discussed how children love food activities at school. This activity involves both!

While this activity may not be as educational as some discussed in the past, it is very fun and exciting for children. They love the mystery of it and it is sure to gain their attention form you for the rest of the day.

Before St. Patrick’s Day read books to your students or children at home about St. Patrick’s Day. Discuss the luck of the leprechauns and rainbows and pots of gold.

Before the children arrive on St. Patrick’s Day, create a note from a leprechaun. In the note state that the leprechaun has left some magic powder for the children to enjoy.

In a bag, pour out a box of pistachio instant pudding. Tie the bag up nice and fancy with green ribbon. Leave directions for the powder. State that the class is to add one cup of milk to the powder and watch its magic appear. Pour it into a bowl and then place in the refrigerator. Wait until hardens and then enjoy!

As the children watch the milk being added to the white powder, the pudding mix begins to turn green. The children are usually amazed and excited about this.

Set in the refrigerator and have it as a snack later in the day.

This activity adds excitement to the holiday and gives the children a very interesting day at school. They will continue to talk about it for days. You will also receive many questions about how the powder changed colors and how the leprechaun got into the classroom!

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