Starbucks Songs?

For all of you Starbucks fans who enjoy listening to tunes while you sip your super duper triple skim lattes-—good news. The company known for its coffee is expanding its’ empire to include a record label and it has already signed a major name.

Paul McCartney was just introduced as the first artist signed to Starbucks Corporation’s new record label. Earlier this month the company announced it was partnering with Concord Music Group to launch the Los Angeles-based Hear Music label.

Insiders say the McCartney announcement is another major step for Starbucks to spin part of its consumer popularity into the entertainment business. Recently, the world’s largest specialty coffee retailer opened four hybrid Hear Music Coffeehouses, where customers can purchase music from thousands of titles and burn the selections to CDs. In addition, the Seattle-based company has embraced the literary world and even helped produce the movie, “Akeelah and the Bee.”

Now, it’s delving even deeper into the world of music. According to company executives, rather than basically lending the Starbucks brand to an album, “the Los Angeles-based Hear Music label will sign its own artists and sell records through Starbucks stores and other retailers.”

If you are wondering why a coffeehouse is launching a record label you aren’t alone. Some critics have gone as far as to say that the music venture will detract from Starbucks main identity. Others disagree and say music always has been close to what Starbucks sees as the identity of its brand.

If nothing else, recording artists who sign with the company can look forward to getting a built-in audience in Starbucks stores.

“This is a pretty powerful new platform, when you can reach 44 million customers per week through Starbucks’ stores,” Starbucks executives told reporters.

Would you consider purchasing music at Starbucks or do you consider it merely a place to get your caffeine fix?

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