Starting A Home Business – Fact Finding Missions

Making the decision to start a home business is an exciting process. It’s also a time filled with uncertainty and confusion. It’s not uncommon to have some questions or concerns –

• What kind of home business should you pursue?
• How long does it take to be successful?
• Can you be financially independent with a home business?
• How much time will you have to devote to the business?
• How will you balance your business with your family needs?
• Do you have to spend a lot of money to start a home business?

These questions (and more) are common as we start our new businesses. I certainly felt the same trepidation.

I started my home business three years ago. My first plan was to take my love of jewelry making and hit the craft fair market. Unfortunately, I didn’t take into consideration how difficult it would be to balance my family’s needs with the amount of time required to attend craft fairs.

I also didn’t take into account the up-front money needed to buy supplies, put together a fair booth, professional photography fees, and booth reservation fees. Suddenly my idea of a simple business seemed to be snowballing out of my control.

So, I turned back to my previous work experience and started slowly working on some freelance writing projects. Gradually, I built up some repeat customers, and my business has taken off.

I’ve learned a lot about building a home business along the way. Some lessons were more painful than others. Some probably could have been avoided if I’d taken a little time to find out more information. That’s what I hope to help you with – I’d like to help you discover answers to your questions; and provide you with the information to determine if a home business is right for you. I’m confident that we’ll all discover more about balancing our families and our home businesses as we learn together.

If you have any questions about specific topics you’d like to explore, please let me know. In the meantime, check out my next article, where I discuss reasons to start a home business.

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About Beth Sawyer

My name is Beth Sawyer and I live in Washington State. I’m a mother of brilliant and active son. My husband and I have been married for almost two decades, and we’re going strong. For many years, I worked for a variety of corporations, training individuals in management skills and writing training programs. When my son was born, I stopped working and stayed at home. In the last three years I’ve been building my own home business as a freelance writer. I work with a variety of companies, writing web content, articles, and profiles. My home business gives me the flexibility I need to spend time with my son, volunteer at his school, and just have fun, while balancing my work schedule.