Starting a Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy is a major life event. One that brings major changes to your body and your life. A pregnancy journal is a great way to record the precious memories of this special time in your life. Over the years, as the details of your pregnancy begin to fade from your memory, a journal can be a great way to reminisce and remember this special time. In addition, it can be a beautiful gift for your child one day.

You don’t have to be a great writer to record your memories in a journal. Go out and get yourself a pretty journal to record your thoughts. Another option is to create an online pregnancy journal. Many websites offer this service for free. The downside of this is the journal may not have the same sentimental effect as handwritten words in a pretty book.

Don’t over think what you want to write. Doing this can make you freeze and get writer’s block. Set aside time every day, once a week, however frequently you want to record your thoughts. If you find it difficult to get started, set a timer for about ten minutes and do free writing. This is a technique used by writers, where you just write whatever comes to mind. There’s no right or wrong answer, this isn’t a test.

There are several ways you can organize your entries. You can write some entries as a letter or personal message to your child. In others, you may just want to record your thoughts or feelings. You may want to have Daddy write a few messages in the journal. He may choose to do this after important milestones, such as when he first learned about the baby coming or the first time he saw the baby on the ultrasound.

One way to get started is to visualize your baby growing inside you. Imagine the future with your child. Record these images along with your hopes and dreams for your son or daughter. If you dream about the baby, record these dreams in your journal. Record all of them: the sentimental, strange and silly. If you plan to record dreams, do this first thing in the morning. Do it before your memory of the dream fades.

Record your thoughts and feelings as your pregnancy progresses. You may want to write an entry after each doctor’s appointment. Write about how you felt the first time you heard your child’s heartbeat. Record your feelings the first time you saw your baby wiggling on the screen during the ultrasound. Did you find out what you’re having? Write about that and how excited you were to learn you were having a daughter, or a son. You can jot down the possible names you are thinking of for your child.

Kids love hearing what their names would have been, if they were the other gender. They also love reading about your baby shower and who came to the shower. These precious moments will last forever with a pregnancy journal.

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