Starting a Scrapbook Club

Do you feel all alone in your scrapbooking endeavors? Perhaps none of your friends or family scrapbooks, and you don’t really know anyone that does. Without telling you to stalk regulars at your local scrapbook store, it is challenging to find others who share your hobby that live nearby.

Enter, the scrapbooking club. This is a great way to get others interested in scrapbooking as well as finding and meeting others in your area that scrapbook. It is very easy, with a little work, to start your own scrapbook club.

Step one: Find a location. Perhaps you have a spot at your house that is large enough to have several people scrapbook at once. That is great, except keep in mind, that if your club is successful, it will continue to grow and you will need somewhere larger. Many churches will offer their basement up, sometimes for free as well as community centers for a fee, clubhouses for a fee and other locations. Your local elementary school will probably allow you to use the space on off hours too, except they are often particular and sometimes charge. Don’t forget your local scrapbook store. They will probably charge you a fee, but you will be able to use all of their supplies. Secure your location and you are off and ready to go.

Step two: Pick a day of the week, or leave it open until you have a general meeting with everyone to see what days work better, and what times of day work better.

Step three: ADVERTISE! Post free ads up at the library and grocery store. Leave printed business sized cards in the doctors office or other waiting rooms. Place messages on scrapbooking message boards or even other types of message boards that target your specific area. Word of mouth is great, so tell everyone you can think of. Print up a badge or something and wear it around. Or have a t-shirt printed up and put a website URL on the back for people to go to, so they can find out more.

Step four: Host your first meeting. Even if you have only three members at the start, remember that as long as you are excited, positive and friendly, these strangers will spread the word themselves. Set a time up, create a cute name, and then begin preparing for the first actual club crop.

Preparations: You might wish to collect a membership fee from each scrapbooker, but keep in mind that many will not join if they have to pay something. Negotiate snacks ahead of time. Assign a few people each time to bring snacks and refreshments. If you can, get a scrapbook store involved. Often they will allow you to advertise in the store, obviously directly targeting the exact audience you want (the scrapbookers). They might also offer a 10% off deal on the day your club meets, or something like that. Just talk to them, you might be surprised.

More on scrapbook clubs coming to the scrapbooking blog soon!