Starting an Idea Notebook or Inspiration Journal

As any scrapbooker knows, inspiration comes from all over the place. Often it is what sparks our creativity and gets us making these amazing layouts. However, many scrapbookers know that sometimes we glean ideas or inspiration from other scrapbookers and other sources related to scrapbooking or other paper projects.

I have been scrapbooking for over thirteen years now. I have amassed quite a collection of magazine articles, layout clippings, sketches, pictures and pieces I intended to use as inspiration to create these amazing layouts. Some might call it scraplifting, but since I don’t scrap lift the designs as much as I use them as a starting base for my own layouts, I choose to call them inspiration.

So what do you do with all these clippings and articles and other snippets of inspiration and ideas you plan to use on these layouts?

Start an idea notebook or an inspiration journal. Keeping everything organized and in one place, means you are more apt to utilize it for your layouts and creativity.

Your notebook or journal doesn’t have to be anything special, yet feel free to create an altered journal to store it all in. Mine is a three ring binder that I placed page protectors in. The page protectors are all 8.5×11 but the pockets are various sizes. For instance, many of the sketches I have saved over time are small enough to slip right inside a baseball card protector. So I have several of those in there, and several that are designed to hold larger items all the way up to a standard 8.5×11 full layout protector. I usually trim articles I want to save so they slip in neatly.

Use section dividers to keep everything organized. Interestingly my organization section is larger than any other section. When I need an idea, or I’m in a slump, I grab my notebook and begin looking through it to find ideas.

I was able to parse down three years worth of scrapbooking magazines and idea books this way. I recycled the leftover stuff, and placed everything I wanted to keep into my idea notebook. I keep my idea notebook nearby my scrapbooking workstation so I can grab it and get some ideas quickly. Get started on your idea book and you are bound to not only clean up your area a little, but find inspiration in unexpected places.

Nicole Humphrey writes articles for the Scrapbooking Blog and for the Frugal Blog. She also guest blogs on a variety of topics. You can read more of her articles by clicking here.

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