Starting My Family History

Family history is one important aspect in the LDS culture. You may be a lot like me. I know that most of my family history has been completed generations back. I was born into a family where three of my grandparents had parents who came across with the pioneers. My mother’s father however joined the church after World War II. He was the only member in his family. He completed his four generations of family history and the temple work and shortly after this he passed away.

I know that this family line needs to be completed. I, along with my sisters, have felt prompted that it is something that we need to work on. I am completely stumped as to how to go about it. Allow me to elaborate. My grandfather’s mother and father were first generation immigrants from Poland. They came separately, and then later met and married. So I have a language barrier from where I need to start. Then Poland has a rocky history. In the early nineteenth century Poland was a part of Prussia. So I need to look through their records. Part of my problem is that I do not know where to begin, even regionally to order records to look at.

The basics steps to start on your family history are to gather the information you have and then visit or your local family history library. (As an aside if you are interested in family history work or genealogy, but are not LDS you are still welcome to visit and use the LDS family history library in your area. It is a pressure free environment where workers can help you search for your ancestors.) The family history workers will be able to help you get started.

After visiting my library I’ve realized that I need to visit the main Family History Library in Salt Lake City. I know that after a few hours I will have learned enough to get started. I am going to look more into what I can do at home, and keep you updated on my search. I may talk one of my sisters into doing the legwork for me, since they live in Utah and I don’t.