Starting Now

Writing any paper is a difficult task. There so many thing to take into account before even selecting a topic — let alone writing an introduction — but far too often students bide their time by squandering it until the process of waiting becomes a frantic rush to the end. You’ve done it before, and unless you do something about it right now (and I mean right now) the end of your current semester is going to look very similar to the end of your previous semesters: stressful. Sure, you’ll find a way to stay awake that extra day through a combination of so-called energy drinks, pots of coffee, junk food, bright lights, loud music, “power” naps, and other methods (please refrain from plagiarism though). You’ll be able to “get it done,” but what will “it” be? What do you want “it” to be? If you want “it” to be your best work then I say again: you need to start right now. But how do you do that?

Well, if your instructor hasn’t given you the parameters about your final paper yet you might schedule a time to meet with them to discuss it. “Why would I want to do that?” Well, dear friend, because it shows you care (and remember: you do), and it also shows that you’re prepared and interested (not only to the instructor but also to yourself). Guess what instructors are also good for: idea bouncing. No matter how “lame” and “disconnected” you might think your instructor is, they do know more about the field (in general) than you do. Your great idea might leave their office a little bruised and battered, but you’ll also probably leave with at least a handful of references that will almost certainly be of use in your final paper for the course (and related to your topic). Who knew that teachers could be so helpful? (Gee, all you had to do was ask). At any rate — start now. Commit to yourself.