Starvation Diet Doesn’t Work

Have you ever tried a starvation diet? Many years ago I did and quickly discovered that this doesn’t really work.

Sure, it can help shed some pounds but it could also be harmful. And without changing your eating behaviors, you will likely end up putting the weight back on.

So what is the answer to losing weight? According to new research there are three specific ways you can drop pounds without depriving yourself.

The first is something I have written about in the past, the benefits of keeping a food journal. When you monitor your eating habits it can help show specific areas that are a struggle.

Even though we may think we know what those areas are, by tracking your eating habits, you not only learn what types of food are hurting your efforts. But you can learn what time of the day is the biggest struggle when it comes to eating right.

You can also discover patterns that will help you develop a new eating plan. And by coming up with a limit in calories, you can better keep track.

The second thing this most current research discovered is that you can lose weight without starving yourself by not skipping meals. Too many people have been duped into believing that not eating is the way to reach a certain weight.

But when you skip meals you are more likely to overeat at the next occasion. It can also cause more snacking.

The last thing this latest research found is that you can also lose weight if you eat out less often. This is especially true with lunch.

When it comes to eating out, we tend to eat more and make unhealthy choices. We end up viewing it as a “special occasion” to splurge. But too much of this can catch up to you. Of course, eating at fast food restaurants is the worst.

Don’t starve yourself. Follow these three tips and you will be more likely to have success with losing weight.

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