Staying at a Hotel in the Middle of the Week

Believe it or not you really can have a lot of fun on a military base, without spending a ton of money. I won’t say that everything is FREE, but it is cheaper. For instance, last night I didn’t sleep in my own house and before anyone jumps to conclusions I didn’t sleep in someone else’s house either. Around midnight I was able to walk out to the back porch and watch as waves crashed across the shore and the only way I can see this was by the beams (rays) coming from the moonlight. Actually, the entire family decided to stay a week in a hotel. That’s right, a hotel! No, I’m not spending a ton of money at least not like I would if I were staying at a hotel out in town. For around $75 we were able to book a Cabana on the beach, for a little more I would’ve been able to purchased a Lodge…if they weren’t booked.

Normally, you wouldn’t catch a family of four or even more purchase a hotel room during the week. Especially right before a baby is born and kids are in school. Not to worry though they are still going, we just get up extra early to make it back on time. Don’t get me wrong, this time of the year the beach is cold but it sure is relaxing as you listen to those waves crash and the kids like that they aren’t in the house. Now this trip or mini vacation as I call it, isn’t totally that. We are preparing the house for the new baby and bombing once again for bugs. Just this time we aren’t doing it at the crack of dawn and rushing back to air it out. (more on that later) Staying at hotels is nothing new to this military family, we love them and have had our fair share of experiences with them!

I’m sure you are still wondering, okay well if it is cold what’s the point of staying here. For one it is relaxing for mom, and the kids are enjoying it. Last night was the first night there, we’ve all dreamed of doing it so it is something they’ve wanted to do for some time, granted they probably thought of summer when they wanted to do it. We do plan on enjoying our surroundings, taking walks, collecting shells and pretty rocks and of course making sandcastles. I won’t be going in the water but I’m not saying my husband won’t. Does it sound like fun to you? Wouldn’t you enjoy listening to waves crash lightly on the shore or see what the ocean looks like with the sun coming down on it? I’m just hoping to catch a dolphin or two. Until next time, I have to go get my kids and head to the beach!

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