Step Out From Behind The Camera

Does your family look through your scrapbook albums and wonder where mom was (or dad) in all the photos? When people see you, do they expect to see a camera attached to your face?

If you’re like me, they probably do. Why? Because I am the family photographer, no doubt about that.

Not only do I love taking pictures, but I love experimenting with my camera’s settings and trying to get unique and different perspectives when photographing subjects.

But it’s time to step out from behind the camera, for me and for you. It’s time to hand over the camera to someone else, a friend, a family member, or perhaps even a server at a restaurant or a stranger at the mall. It is important for your family to see you in the photos too.

Does your camera have a timer on it? It’s time to start using it. If you have a tripod, again – use it. These are some great ways to get yourself in the photos.

When I first got my tripod I played with it all the time. I took my younger children to the park and since nobody else was there, I used it. I set the timer and yes, ran at the speed of lightening to plop down next to them and get some great shots of me with my kids. If I hadn’t have done that with the camera timer and tripod, I might never have those photographs commemorating our special time together at the park.

I am about to start a series of blogs on scrapbooking about ourselves. And I thought this was the perfect time to change my photography habits and just step out from behind the camera a bit more often.

So, if you’re like me, and you hardly ever show up in your own scrapbooks, it’s high time you took care of that. I challenge you to find at least two occasions this weekend when you can hand the camera over to someone else, and finally have your own picture taken!

For more another great article about stepping out from behind the camera, see Tracy’s article in the photography blog. Fun With Photography – Your Life

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