Steps to Enrolling Your Child in a Boarding School

There are some required steps to take if you plan for your child to attend a boarding school. The recommendation from most schools is to start planning one year in advance. You need to gather the proper paperwork and complete the admission forms. Many boarding schools have an admission cut-off date at the beginning of the year either in January or February. Refusal or acceptance letters are usually mailed out sometime in March.

International students must meet vaccination requirements. These students must also complete international traveling guidelines such as visas and passports.

Many boarding schools require students to take an entrance exam. These exams may include the Secondary School Admission Test or the Independent School Entrance Examination.

Many parents are concerned about the tuition fess that boarding schools charge. There are options for parents who wish that their child attend a boarding school but they feel uneasy about making sure the fees are paid.

Boarding schools can award financial aid for needy families. The family must request and complete a financial aid form. The money is awarded depending on the family’s financial income. The aid varies by school. If parents wish for their child to attend a boarding school and receive financial aid, it is advised that the parent apply to more than one school. If financial aid is not offered to you, many schools offer payment plans where the payment is not due all at one time.

Other schools allow parents to apply for a school loan. The loan must be repaid in installments.

Most boarding schools offer discounts if more than one child from a family attends the school. The discount is usually not much but any amount will help.

In addition to financial aid, payment programs, and loans, boarding schools also offer merit awards. Merit awards are given to students who are considered gifted or especially talented. The talent may be in music, arts, sports, or academics.

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