Stereotypes of Physical Education Teachers

In society it is very common for the public to stereotype certain groups of people. Many stereotypes deal with a group of people that share something in common such as a profession, a race, or a community. Physical education teachers feel that they are among the stereotyped groups. Most imagines of physical education teachers are now far from the truth. Movies and television shows have helped the public create this image.

The newest of movies depicting the typically stereotype for a physical education teacher is Mr. Woodcock. The characteristics of a basic physical education teacher stereotype includes unstylish sweat suits or wind suits, short hairstyles, and whistles. In most depictions of a physical education teacher, the teachers are seen as coaches. They serve as drill sergeants and humiliate and demean the students. Most of the physical education roles in movies are either played by men or manly women.

At one point in time a physical education teacher may have been the worst enemy of no coordination, clumsy children. It is likely those children that grew up to create the stereotype of the teachers.

The stereotype may have once fit the typical physical education teacher. Many years ago the job of physical education teachers was to prepare students for the military. They prepared students for physical endurance. However, things have changed.

The curriculum of today’s physical education teachers includes instruction on living healthy lifestyles. They teach students about how to take care of their bodies. Some physical education programs have even changed their names. Instead of using the term physical education, the courses are called the study of kinesiology. Kinesiology deals with the movement of the human body.

Physical education teachers are now more than ever being training through more scientific courses. They have standards to teach and a curriculum on which to base their lessons. Sitting back and watching children play is a thing of the past.

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