Steven Hawks Intuitive Eating Approach

Can Surrounding Yourself With French Fries and Mikshakes Help You Lose Weight???? Hummm

According to Brigham Young University professor Steven Hawks, you CAN have your cake and eat it too. Include on that list french fries, milkshakes, and whatever else sounds inviting. You name it, you can eat it on his so called anti-diet-diet. Using his principles of “intuitive eating,” the now famous diet professor ate his favorite foods and melted over 50 pounds from his previous 210-pound frame. While most diets are based on caloric and food restrictions, as well as portion control, Hawks surrounded himself with every food and diet no-no possible (think chips and desserts) and only enjoyed the tastes when hungry.

His theory on intuitive eating is simple, when you are hungry and want something, eat it (the hunger based approach) and when you’re full you stop.

Seriously, stop right there!

I don’t know about you, but if you put a hamburger, thing of french fries and a milkshake in front of me, I’m not going to push it away when I’m “satisfied”, I’m going to finish the whole freaking thing. That’s how I gained 60 pounds in the first place.

I’ve told myself to stop eating when full practically a MILLION times, but does it happen, no. I suppose if you’re super dedicated and have super duper extra strength willpower, Dr. Hawks plan could maybe, possibly work. But for the rest of us, intuitive eating is unfortunately, impossible.

Sure, I can intuitively eat— no problem!!! I think I’m hungry ALL THE TIME, so I “intuitively” eat at a whole bag of chips since it’s sitting right in front of me, and no I’m not EXACTLY full, so I’ll eat whatever else is sitting in the refridgerator. 99.9% of us are overweight for this exact reason..WE DON”T STOP WHEN WE’RE FULL, DR. HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!

While I’m glad Dr. Hawks plan worked for him, I think there are a few “kinks” in his system. Most of us just don’t have the will power to surround ourselves with unhealthy food and look at it. If it were that easy, we’d all do it. I think for now I’ll stick with my controlled portions and leave the hamburger and the french fries where they belong…at McD’s.