Sticker and Die Cut Categories

When organizing stickers and die cuts, things can get tricky. There are so many different die cuts available and stickers…don’t even get me started there.

On one single sticker sheet many different themes can technically be represented. So how do you organize things like this when there are so many different ways to go?

Well, there are lots of different ideas.

Some scrapbookers like to just place all their stickers in one container and all their die cuts in another. But then how do you know what you have? How can you find the one you are looking for? That’s an awfully difficult organization method.

But if you decide to place your stickers and die cuts into categories, I bet that sorting through to find the perfect one becomes a breeze.

My favorite categories for organizing stickers and die cuts are as follows:

  • Activities
  • Animals
  • Borders
  • Celebrations
  • Children
  • Food
  • Holiday
  • Letters
  • Nature
  • Occasions
  • Outdoors
  • Seasons
  • Travel/Transportation

But after you’ve established your categories, how do you determine what types of stickers or die cuts go into them?


Activities – Place any stickers or die cuts relating to music, art, hobbies, sports and even business’, etc.

Animals – Store your pets, zoo, farm and insect stickers in this category.

Borders – Store your border stickers here. These include strips of ribbon stickers as well.

Celebrations – Birthdays, confetti, balloons, presents, dots, cake, candles, party hats, etc. can go in this category.

Children – anything relating to children goes in this category – toys, infant stuff, school, themes (like space stickers, Barbie, characters, etc.)

Food – My favorite thing to do, eat. Any food stickers, ice cream, chocolate, candy, BBQ, cooking, picnic, etc. go in this category.

Holidays – you can either make a separate category for each holiday or just store them together. It’s easier to store them by holiday however.

Letters – Easy as pie, letter stickers and die cuts go in here.

Nature – My favorite place to be – in nature – anything pertaining to flowers, gardening, grass, gardening tools, trees, etc.

Occasions – This can include things like graduations, weddings, showers, baptism and blessings.

Outdoors – Similar to nature, except now you are focusing on things that go outdoors – playground, sand box, beach, camping, pool, fishing, etc.

Seasons – Anything showing the changing seasons can go in here – snowflakes, leaves, sunshine, umbrellas, raindrops, kites, weather related stickers, and more.

Travel/Transportation – Easily you can slip cars, bikes, trains, buses, cameras, passports, maps, luggage and more in here!

See how easy it is to categorize? Now what’s stopping you? Get to it!!