Sticker and Die Cut Organization

Anyone who has been scrapbooking for any length of time, has more than likely accumulated a very large amount of stickers and die cuts. These two items seem to be the most commonly collected scrapbook supply, and therefore, finding storage is extremely important.

There are several different ways to sort your stickers and die cuts, which is the first step to getting organized.

You can organize by stickers or die cuts by color, theme, brand name, or size.


Sorting die cuts or stickers by their colors is one way to organize them. However, with stickers that is a bit harder, because there are usually several colors on the pages. Die cuts are great when organized by color.


This is my favorite method of organizing stickers or die cuts. Pick commonly used themes that they fall into. For instance: Outdoors, School, Baby, Wedding, Pets, Toddler or any other theme that you create layouts for a lot.

Brand Name

Sorting by brand can be helpful if you know your brands really well, only when dealing with stickers. Often companies create most of their stickers sheets to be about the same size or several different sizes. And they often look pretty similar, like Jolee’s, Francis Meyer and Mrs. Grossman. This isn’t the greatest way to sort, but it works for many scrapbookers and if you don’t have a huge collection, this can be the easiest way. Organizing die cuts by this method is much more challenging unless you use a lot of a certain brand or two.


The reason I like sorting by size is because with all the different sizes and shapes of sticker strips and now die cuts, I think it has become more difficult to find a storage method that works. Sorting by size allows more options for type of storage, as well as keeping stickers for borders, together and tiny stickers together. It can be hard when trying to find just the right sticker though.

No matter which way you organize them, it is important to take the time to do so. Organization is key to good time management while scrapbooking.

Tomorrow, Sticker and Die Cut Storage Ideas will bring you some creative ways to actually store these items.