Sticker and Die Cut Storage Ideas

As scrapbookers, we tend to accumulate a large amount of stickers and different types of die cuts, which can include page toppers and other shapes. Storage for these ideas, while plentiful, can be somewhat confusing, and since every scrapbooker is different, you have to find what works best for you and the space you are using.

My favorite product is The Stadium Organizer, pictured left. This innovative, new product is a plastic stadium style plastic container, which can hold different sizes and shapes of die cuts and sticker sheets. To learn more, see this article.

Another terrific item for organizing all those stickers and die cuts, is the Cropper Hopper Sticker Envelope. You can organize your stickers by category in these large envelopes, to make finding what you want or need, much easier.

I absolutely love my Cropper Hopper PSB (Paper Sticker Binder). I have the old style for about five years. Actually, I have two of them. They are completely full, though I use one of them for page kits now. I love that you can buy refills that fit all sizes and shapes of stickers. There is even a pouch you can add and separate die cuts by theme.

Another cool, and extremely budget friendly method for storing stickers and die cuts is to make your own own paper sticker binder. All you need to start is an old three ring photo album or binder. You then place sheet protectors inside. You can also purchase baseball card sleeves for the smaller sticker sheets. Some of these items can be picked up at garage sales, or you can ask friends and family if they have any spares. Some scrapbookers use baggies and then punch holes in them to fit inside the binder. It works great, however if you do decide to use this method, the freezer bags are better because they are thicker and sturdier. The thinner baggies tend to tear after awhile.

To learn more about organizing these supplies, see Sticker and Die Cut Organization.

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