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Did you know that gel window clings double as Scotch tape?

Just don’t try to use them as adhesives in your scrapbook.

My 7-year-old is utterly fascinated by the soft, jelly-like sticky embellishments. Currently, all of her bedroom windows are covered with Halloween-themed gel clings. However, rather than use them exclusively for decoration purposes, my daughter discovered that she can slip the corners of her art work under the gel clings and they have the staying power of traditional self adhesive tape.

She was so delighted by her discovery that she tried to use the gel clings as adhesive in her scrapbook.

I don’t have to tell avid scrapbookers how that turned out.

So, lesson learned: Don’t use pumpkin window gel clings as scrapbook adhesive.

Which brings me to today’s topic: Choosing the best scrapbook adhesive.

Personally, I like working with mounting film, especially when I need an extra strong adhesive to keep photos and die cuts in place on a layout. The double-sided archival adhesive comes in sheets and is thin and clear.

When I need a lighter adhesive I use Scotch’s double-sided tape pen. The tool rolls to deliver adhesive film and is easy to manipulate. You simply press the tape on the back of photos or other embellishments, and you’re done. The pen only applies the adhesive to the areas of item you are working with and it is refillable, which can help reduce your scrapbook supply costs.

If you are working with large or heavy embellishments, then you might consider using a product called Tacky Tape. The highly-durable adhesive is manufactured by Provo Craft and comes in a narrow roll. It is double-sided and very sticky. Once you place the tape on the layout you can add big beads, heavy cardstock or oversized sequins to your design without worrying about your embellishments falling off.

What’s your favorite scrapbook adhesive?

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