Sticky Situation

You can design the most incredibly unique layout known to man, but if you can’t get it to stick on your scrapbook page, then all your hard work means nothing.

Finding the perfect adhesive to show-off your pretty page designs is essential. After all, you don’t want a sagging memento or slipping photo to ruin your layout.

Fortunately, there are a number of different adhesives on the market that are designed specifically for scrapbooks. Among the most popular are:

Mounting film: This double-sided adhesive comes in sheets and is safe to use with photos and other archival materials. Typically, the film is sold in 9 by 12-inch sheets. All you have to do is cut-off pieces and place them on the back of your scrapbook items. The thin, clear tape doesn’t show through and will keep light items, such as photos and die cuts, in place with no problem.

Photo squares: The small, clear, double-sided pieces of tape are designed to keep pictures in place. The squares come in a box and are dispensed individually. To use, simply remove the film from a square and press it down on the back corner of a photo. Attach the sticky squares to all four corners of a picture, flip the image over and gently press it in place on your layout.

Decorative embellishment tape: This adhesive looks very similar to traditional Scotch tape, except that it has a decorative pattern on the top. You can use it to make frames around photos by placing the pictures on your scrapbook page, and then placing strips of tape on all four sides of each image. Press down firmly making sure that there are no air bubbles or wrinkles before moving on to the next photo.

Tacky Tape: The popular scrapbook adhesive is manufactured by Provo Craft and comes in a narrow roll. Most scrappers only use Tacky Tape when they need an extra-strong adhesive. The double-sided tape is designed to keep heavier items in place. To use, simply place a piece of the tape on your layout, so that the top sticky layer exposed. Then, add beads, gemstones, or large mementos to the exposed tape to keep them in place.

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