Stitching on Scrapbook Layouts: Part One

Love the look of sewing on your scrapbook pages, but don’t want to take the time to drag your old sewing machine out of the closet? You may want to consider using stamp stitches or rub on stitches to achieve that sewn look without using any needle and thread.

I have always been a bit intimidated by my sewing machine, so when people started sewing on their scrapbook pages, I started looking around for other ways to find that sewn look. Today I want to share some fun scrapbook products that you can use to create stitches in no time.

This article will focus on stamp products that are available to use and achieve the sewn or stitched look. Another article will show the rub on options that you have with stitches.

Here are a few examples of stamp stitches that are available.

Fortwerks Clear Stamps in Stitches. You will need an acrylic stamp block to use these. The nice thing about clear stamps is that they are easy to store and take up a lot less room than wood mounted stamps. It is also easier to see where you are stamping your imagae since you can see right through the acrylic stamp base. The stamp base is sold separately. These stamps retail for $13.99.

Technique Tuesday Hanging by a Thread Clear Stamps.

You will need an acrylic stamp block to use these.

These stamps are hand to find because they seem to be sold out everywhere I looked. I was finally able to find a set of these stamps for myself. I went to and went to this product. On the product page, you have an option to be emailed when a product is back in stock. As soon as I received the email that they had more of these, I bought one. They were already out of stock a few days later.

Hero Arts Ribbons and Stitches. These are wood mounted stamps that retail for $20.00. These will be a bit more difficult to use that the clear stamps because you won’t be able to see exactly where you are stamping. I’m sure with some practice, you could figure out the correct placement of the stamps. The images look so fun, they are worth trying out.

A great thing about stamps is that you can coordinate the ink color to match your layout.

I hope some of these stamps will let you add that trendy stitched look in no time. Happy stamping!