Stock Your Scrapbook Room For Less Now

There is nothing better than getting inspired by stuff you find around your scrapbook room. And now is a great time to stock up on some great supplies to fill your scrapbook room. Why? It’s back to school time of course.

Back to school sales are a great time to get some cool products and embellishments for your scrapbook layouts. So what kind of things work in that back to school aisle? Let me tell you.

– A quick walk through of not only our local office supply store, but also a local discount chain proved to be quite lucrative in the papers and stationary discounts. There were plenty of papers that would work great for scrapbooking either as mats or as journaling boxes or even to be stamped on.

Clips – Paper clips and binder clips are in demand for school, so these things are readily available and to appeal to the cool side of being a teenager or kid, there are plenty of designs to choose from. We found some cute striped paper clips for .50. There were 50 in the package.

– Yes, even adhesives are on sale. Be sure and watch that they have the words “acid free” and that they are by a company that you trust. Tapes, glues and sticks are available in lots of different brands.

Stickers – If you are still a sticker user, now is the time to get a few. There were dozens on sale at our local supply store and I could think of all kinds of uses on a scrapbook layout.

Brads – Because school supplies are on sale, brads are on sale. Office supply companies make these for papers to be attached together, but as any scrapbooker knows, they make great embellishments. You can get giant packs for not much cost at all. You can paint them to match your layouts or use them as is.

Colored pencils
– Another hot commodity right now. Colored pencils are used in the classroom for a variety of projects, and they are readily available and in high demand right now. You should be able to pick up several packs for what it would have cost you normally to get one.

Have you seen any other great discounts right now?

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