“Stop Drop and Roll” by Margery Cuyler

Stop Drop and Roll” by Margery Cuyler is a book about just what you think it’s about: Fire Safety.

In the book a girl named Jessica is a worrywart. When her teacher starts talking about fire safety in class, her usual worries about ballet class, homework, and her dog are replaced with worries about her families safety in the event of a fire.

Her teacher tells the children that all of their homes should have smoke alarms, and escape plans in case of a fire. He also suggested that everyone’s family do a “fire drill” where they learn how they would exit their house if there ever were a fire. Jessica takes her new knowledge home and convinces her parents to immediately put up smoke alarms in their home, and the family works out an escape plan in the event of a fire.

The next day Jessica’s teacher suggests some fire safety tips such as keeping heaters three feet away from flammable things, keeping extension cords away from places where they could be pinched, and having chimneys and furnaces cleaned yearly by a professional.

The last day of fire safety Jessica’s teacher teaches then what to do in the event of a fire such as feeling a door to see if it’s hot before opening it. He also teaches the children to “Stop, Drop, and Roll” should their clothes ever catch fire.

Fire Safety is something that should be addressed with your children no matter what their age. If your home were ever to catch fire, you want your children to know what to do in order to keep them safe.

This book is a great introduction to fire safety for your kids. It gives them all the basic fire safety information that they need to know to stay safe, and can be a good beginning to a family discussion on fire safety. After reading the book you and your child can develop an escape route for your home, and check your electronics to make sure everything in your home is safe.

You can purchase “Stop, Drop, and Roll” at most bookstores or online at Amazon.com