Storybook Treasures: Sign Language DVDs

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Scholastic Storybook Treasures: A Sign Language DVD. If you have not heard of this before then please pay special attention. These DVDs are a wonderful way to introduce your child to sign language through those special stories they already know and love. The DVD points out on the cover that sign language is linked to improved fine motor skills, increased vocabulary and higher IQ scores. Since you cannot believe everything you read I looked this up and it is all true.

Let’s discuss format a bit. The DVD is about 36 minutes long and recommended for children ages 2-9. Each DVD has three stories and extras which include quizzes, sign language vocabulary, alphabet fingerspelling and read alongs. The DVD is geared toward all children so do not be misled and think this is solely for non hearing children.

Goodnight Moon is a favorite story in my house. This DVD also contains A Creature was Stirring and Gladys Goes Out to Lunch. My five year old and two year old loved seeing Goodnight Moon on the TV. I thought they might be distracted by the adult performing the sign language more than engaged, however, each were happy to try signing as well. Later on when we read Goodnight Moon at bedtime each were signing as much as they could remember. The DVD was just delightful and seeing the children engaged sold me right there.

Five Little Monkeys is my toddler’s favorite story. She jumped for joy when she saw this DVD come on the screen. Since we already did some hand motions for this book, she caught on fast to the signing and continued to use it after the DVD was over. On this DVD is also Little Quack and There’s Something in my Attic. All stories were enjoyed but not as a much as Five Little Monkeys. It was nice to have the children sign this story rather than act it on the bed.

The DVD is designed to expose your child to sign language. Therefore the adult performing the signing is on center stage of the DVD. The book illustrations are not lost and look quite adorable. However, this is primarily a tool to teach and expose your child to signing. I feel this is a plus since teaching sign language is best done when seen by someone doing it and not from a book. The child is more apt to use the sign language and focus on it since the adult is center stage. The adults performing the sign language are quite expressive and fun to watch.

If by chance you are not looking for a DVD for signing but still want to enjoy classic stories on your TV just visit You will find some of the best literature for children available on DVD. This is a wonderful alternative to TV shows. Let’s make watching TV count!

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