Stress and Weight Gain

Stress is a part of life. We experience it in many forms and on different levels almost daily. Stress can be rooted in your job, finances or relationships. In this world of uncertain jobs and economy many are stressed out. The stress of money can easily put more strain on relationships causing more overall stress in your life. Stress can build up over time or you can experience a steady flow of stress. No matter, stress is stress and getting stressed out can have a detrimental effect on your weight.

When you are stressed your hormones basically go wonky and you crave high carbohydrates which calm the stressed hormones. Stress hormones, sadly enough, increase fat storage. Most weight gain caused by stress is centered in the midsection. Have you noticed extra fat stores in your midsection?

If you are a person who can’t sleep while stressed then you really have it bad. Just put in your order for bigger pant sizes now. Not sleeping enough also messes with your hormones and prevents you from feeling full. So you are stressed out, can’t sleep, so you eat donuts and since your hormone are out of whack you crave more donuts, your cells store more fat and you don’t feel full so you grab another donut. Now that’s nice. This is a recipe for disaster.

So are you stressed and craving a cookie just reading this? Don’t stress out that causes weight gain. Instead find ways to de-stress. Things to do instead of grabbing a donut or instead of waiting for stress to manifest could be going for a walk, working out, having a cup of unsweetened tea, talking to a friend, spending time with family, watching a movie minus the snacks and pop, or working out with your spouse or friend. Find healthy ways to keep your stress down and get plenty of rest. It really is the simple things.

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