Student Get Arrested for Passing Gas and Other Weird School News

pencils The Associated Press is reporting that earlier this week, one student in Florida was arrested for a very interesting crime. The 13-year-old boy, who attends Spectrum Junior-Senior High School, was said by authorities to be disrupting the classroom by intentionally passing gas and turning off the computers that other students were using.

The boy was arrested by a school resource officer and then released to his mother. She must be so proud. While I am all for removing a student who is intentionally disruptive to the classroom, I wonder about the actual arrest.

Teachers Served Laxative Cupcakes

More students were arrested, this time in Jefferson, La back in September. Two high school students were expelled for placing a pan of cupcakes in the teacher’s lounge. The problem was that the cupcakes were laced with laxatives. The expulsion also came with a criminal charge of mingling harmful substances. No teachers were injured, as the prank was uncovered when several other students warned a teacher about not eating the “surprise” cupcakes. This one I can understand, as the laced cupcakes could have presented a health hazard to the teachers had they consumed them.

The Poop Scoop

This time, the person in trouble was not a student but the principle himself. In Colorado Springs, one frustrated principal decided to give a lesson on poop early in the school year. Tired of the intentional messes made by fourth- and fifth-graders in one of the girl’s bathrooms, he told students to put on gloves and then explore a bag filled with urine and feces. Parents of the students expressed concern that the exercise was inappropriate and carried health risks. The principal made assurances that the gloves were removed appropriately and students were told to go wash their hands. He has since apologized for the incident.

What do you think of these strange stories?

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