Style: Personal Tastes

What is your style? Does it translate well throughout your home? For many young couples just starting out, style tends to reflect budget instead of personality. Many of us start out with hand me down pieces or inexpensive furnishings. It also occurs frequently when a family purchases a modern new home but doesn’t have the budget to furnish it with all new pieces.

Who hasn’t had at least one of those small, round, pressboard tables with legs that look like sticks, which we hide under tablecloths? Hey, they cost little and they work. They make good end tables and nightstands. Some of those tablecloths are pretty cute!

Most people tend to outgrow items like these quickly and want more substantial, higher quality pieces for their homes. Yet, it doesn’t make sense to move too fast, and end up going into debt, especially when you can still add your personal stamp to each space in your home without doing so. You can show off your personal tastes and style without breaking the bank.

One of the best ways to do this is by using very personal items in your décor. Family photos and portraits are great. Displaying awards and certificates also adds a personal touch. Use your Grandma’s telephone table instead of one of those disposable rounds with a tablecloth. It doesn’t have to match other pieces precisely, and it will make a great conversation piece.

You can also do a lot with color. Paint is cheap and it’s one of the best ways to say, “this is who I am.” Bright, vivid color shows what a vivacious person you are. Wild colors and funky furnishings show your daring side. Subdued colors reflect a more serious manner. Clean lines and contrast show sophistication. Traditional colors and accessories give a sense of the conservative.

Even if you can’t redo each room or fill every space in a new home with new furniture and accents, you can inject your personality into each area of your home.