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Well the days are winding down and pretty soon children will be on summer vacation. If you have teenagers like I do, you know that the job market hasn’t been very good so it may be a challenge to find a job for the summer.

My 17-year-old has been looking for a job since December. He has landed one interview but didn’t get the job. Times are difficult out there so teens may need to get a bit creative.

So here are some ideas for summer home businesses for teens. Remember that with any home business, it will also require some marketing so you want to work with your teen and brainstorm ways that you can get the word out.

One of the most popular teen summer home businesses is lawn care. This could actually be a lucrative career since many of the bigger lawn care businesses charge quite a bit for their services. Your teen could research some of these prices and then lower theirs for some stiff competition.

Mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, raking and planting flowers are just some of the things that teens can do. This can especially be helpful to the elderly or those who are sick or injured.

Another type of yard work that you may not have considered is picking up dog doo. Yes, you heard me right…dog doo. Some people hate the job enough that they would gladly pay someone else to do it. It’s just a thought.

Another summer home business for teens could be painting. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, this could also be a great way to earn some extra cash. You could paint rooms, the outside of a house, a garage or a fence.

Pet sitting or dog walking is another great home business opportunity when you find people who work during the day and don’t want to put their dogs into a doggy daycare.

Here is a brief look at other opportunities: childcare, grocery delivery, housecleaning, tutoring, window washer, car washing, computer fixer (they usually know more about computers than we do) and concession stand.

Now with any of these home businesses your teen will definitely need some motivation and energy. Hopefully you can encourage this in them and perhaps even help by creating fliers or helping to pass them around the neighborhood, at work or post in various locations.

What ideas can you pass on for teens who are interested in a summer home business?

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