Summer Home Safety Tips

Many of us enjoying entertaining or even just having a picnic or barbecue as a family. It’s fun to eat outside and enjoy the great weather instead of having to stop and come in to eat. Sure, it takes a little more effort, but it is worth it. Yet, there are some precautions we should take to ensure safety.

One thing many people tend to forget about is food handling safety. In hot temperatures, food can go rancid and spoil quickly. You don’t want your day of fun to end with food poisoning. Do your best to keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Bring your crockpot outside or pick up some Sterno and a chafing dish to keep hot food at the appropriate temperature.

Ice down cold food to keep it from getting warm and becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. A simple method is placing a pan of ice below a bowl of food (just don’t fill it too full or it will spill over as ice begins to melt). Check it occasionally and add ice as needed. Not only will these steps make things safer but your food will taste better too.

Keep lids on food storage containers to keep bugs away. Mesh covers work great too. You can pick up those that resemble small tents (some are called “food tents”) at most discount stores for a reasonable price.

Instead of using glass containers outdoors opt for disposable products. Glass items can break easily and cause injury. Pour a glass bottle of juice into a plastic pitcher. You can also find heavy duty disposable tableware. Another good idea is to purchase some hard plastic plates, cups, bowls, and serving pieces to use outdoors when serving foods that don’t work well with paper products.

Staying safe is the best way to have fun!

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