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Strawberry picking, swimming, biking, scavenger hunting, and theme park hopping; these are just some of the activities my family has participated in so far this summer. Fortunately, I had the foresight to bring my camera along to the aforementioned events, so I could scrapbook them in a mini album. Unfortunately, I neglected to jot down notes during our summer adventures, so now I am left racking my brain trying to recall details to include in journaling blocks.

A little writing can go a long way when it comes to scrapbook journaling. Don’t stress out about taking copious notes while you enjoying a vacation day. Rather, when you get a minute during your time away, jot down some standout stories, or simply write down a few words describing the sights, sounds and smells you’ve been enjoying on your getaway. For example, if you decide to head to the beach for part of the summer, note the date of your beach visit, the names and ages of your travel companions, and any funny mishaps that may have taken place.

Next, consider jazzing up your journaling block by including a subtitle, such as “Life’s a Beach,” “Surf’s Up,” “Splashing Around,” “The Heat is On,” “Buried Treasures” or “Beach Bums.” Then, start sharing your feelings about your trip. Often, scrappers fill their journal entries with just the facts. However, journaling blocks are amazing venues to relay your true feelings about various experiences, such as surfing for the first time or finding an interesting seashell in the sand.

Another idea is to record conversations you have with your kids on the way to your favorite summer vacation destination. Quips from kids make for amazing journaling material, especially when it involves humorous situations related to a family trip. Finally, when all else fails, and you simply can’t come up with decent memories to share in a journaling block, then employ quotes, song lyrics or poems to describe what it was like on vacation.

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