Summer Reading for Toddlers

If your toddler is anything like mine, then any book will do in a pinch (provided you insert sound effects, character-appropriate voices, and let him/her be in charge of turning the pages). However, now that summer is here and the busy travel season has kicked into high gear, I thought it would be worth reviewing a few travel-related books geared specifically to toddlers.

Whether you are traveling across town or across the Pacific to visit family and friends this summer, consider packing the following books to read along the way:

“Take-Off” by Nicola Baxter

This colorful book is recommended for children ages 3-10, but it keeps the attention of two-year-olds just the same. (It did mine.) The sturdy booked is loaded with detailed illustrations, lift-the-flap features and 3-D pop-ups.

The story follows a family of four (mom, dad, sister, brother) from the moment they arrive at the airport and unload their bags from their car (your young reader can lift the car door flap to reveal the kids, and the trunk flap to reveal the luggage) to the time they take-off.

Your kids will love watching the family go through security, riding on a moving sidewalk, and boarding the plane. My daughter’s favorite page shows the family getting into their assigned seats. The pop-up page features a row of flaps that reveals contents of the overhead bins. However, the book’s big finish is saved for the last two pages where a large 3-D pop-up of the airliner rises about 6 inches into the air.

I would suggest reading the book prior to a planned flight or take it along and read it in the airport or airplane.

Our World of Books

This series of board books is ideal for toddlers who want to learn more about a popular travel destination. It features different states, cities and landscapes, and are perfect for young travelers. The book collection includes titles such as:

Good Night Beach

Good Night America

Good Night Texas

Good Night New York City

Good Night Lake

Good Night Zoo

Good Night Farm

Good Night Seattle

Good Night Chicago

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