Summer Reading Series: Chloe


Talk about middle child syndrome.

And you thought the Duggar family had issues.

Chloe Bunny was born smack in the middle of 10 older brothers and sisters and 10 younger ones.

Don’t worry; the carrot-loving clan is not making their debut on “21 Bunnies and Counting;” rather, they’re fodder for a funny bunny tale, Chloe, by New York Times bestselling author Peter McCarty.

In McCarty’s latest literary venture, Daddy Bunny surprises his bustling brood with a new TV.

The entire Bunny clan makes a beeline for the electronic entertainment option, save for Chloe and baby Bridget.

Young Chloe is not quite as enamored with the TV’s bright lights and big sounds as the rest of the family. In fact, the preschool-aged bunny can’t understand why her parents and siblings would want to watch a teetering slice of pound cake attack a city when they could be showering her with attention.

Fed-up with not being the center of the Bunny family universe, Chloe does the unthinkable–she stands in front of the television and exclaims: “This is the worst family fun time EVER!”

This may be when your young reader decides to check out of Chloe. After all, most kids these days cherish their TVs as much as they do their arms and legs, but if you can get your child to stay focused, the book finds another way to relate to pint-sized bookworms.

Having failed to convince her family to turn off the TV and tune into her, Chloe finds solace in the television’s massive empty box, and more importantly, the mountains of bubble wrap spilling out the sides.

Bang! Crackle! Crunch!

The sound of popping bubble wrap begins to drown out the possessed pound cake show and soon Chloe finds herself having to share her source of unplugged fun with her 20 siblings.

Interestingly, the bunnies weren’t the only ones having a ball with the busting bubble wrap. My daughter had a ton of fun pronouncing McCarty’s tongue-twisting sound effects: “Thip. Pop. Bop. Bip. Bap. Pap.”

If the sunny plot doesn’t draw your kids into this super summer read, McCarty’s dreamy colored-ink drawings will.

Take a look for yourself on HarperCollins’ website or pick up a copy of Chloe at discount retailers nationwide.

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