Summer Reading Series: Secret Agent Splat!


“Cats rule and dogs drool!”

If Splat the Cat were old enough to drive himself to the mall, there’s no question he’d feature that phrase on a personalized tee.

Only, you won’t find the dog-loathing kitty doing much shopping in Secret Agent Splat! Rather, the newest book in the Splat the Cat series finds our furry feline friend channeling his inner Sherlock Holmes to solve a mystery involving missing duck decoys.

Just when you thought you knew everything about Splat, his supportive family, and his unlikely friends, author Rob Scotton unveils yet another deep, dark secret. This time we learn about Splat’s dad’s passion for crafting colorful wooden ducks.

Splat counts the decorative ducks among his legions of peeps, so when the red one goes missing, then the black one, and the blue one, and then the red one comes back without a beak, it’s clandestine cat to the rescue.

Inspired by one of his favorite TV shows, Splat suits up as Sherlock Cat and appoints his mouse pal Seymour as dear Watson. The dashing duo waste no time collecting essential spy gear, including a magnifying glass, white flour, a camera, a book of prints, and a top-secret homemade weapon designed to immobilize the yet-to-be identified culprit.

Young readers will delight in following Splat’s adventures as he tracks down the dastardly duck-napper in a secret hideout. I won’t give away the ending, but I will say that looks can be deceiving. Don’t let Scotton’s warm, fuzzy and incredibly detailed illustrations fool you. Just when you think you’re on the path to uncovering the true duck thief, a surprise plot twist proves otherwise.

Like other books in the Splat the Cat collection, this one features kid-friendly pictures, hilarious one-liners and a super sweet ending.

Secret Agent Splat! is an ideal summer read for first to fourth graders looking to tackle a book on their own. It’s also a great read-aloud book for preschoolers who’ll have a blast trying to figure out whodunit while mom or dad translates Splat’s secret duck code.

Help prevent summer brain drain by picking up Secret Agent Splat! for your little bookworm on HarperCollins’ website. It’s also available in book stores and discount retailers nationwide.

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