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Summer is fast approaching. I can hardly believe it! My daughter is going to miss going to preschool so much. She loves it, and is learning so much. She will be starting Kindergarten in the fall, and that seems equally as astonishing to me! However, the truth is, that she is almost 5, and school is just around the corner.

I want to keep her busy this summer, but more importantly, I want to keep her busy with learning! So, I decided to visit my local school supply store to see what kind of things I could get her to keep her busy. They had some great products and I can’t wait to start using them with her.

First, I bought some workbooks. I bought one by Scholastic that is a Summer Express workbook. This book is designed to help kids during the summer between preschool and kindergarten. It is full of activities that will help your child stay on top of their letters, numbers, and simple math. It also has plenty of pages to help them with their writing skills.

The second workbook I bought was this one by Brain Quest. It is a Kindergarten workbook. I know that my daughter will most likely fly through the first one having so much fun, and hopefully this second one will take a little more time, and we can keep her busy with it and challenge her with new ideas.

I also stumbled across these tiny books that are all about helping your child learn to read. Each set of books will focus on just a few letters at a time. For example, the first set will focus on words that use the letters a and t. So, there will be simple sentences like The Cat Sat. They gradually increase in difficulty giving your child the confidence as they read entire tiny books at a time.

The last thing I bought was from Scholastic. One thing my daughter really needs more work with is her handwriting. I found some great wipe and erase mats that use crayons! I love this idea because so many wipe and erase books and mats have dry erase markers. The markers are often permanent and can ruin clothes. So, I loved the ideas of these mats because they come with crayons and will even be safe for my two year old to use!

I definitely hope that some of these products will help my child stay on track, and keep learning during the summer. Maybe they will help your child too!

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