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This shot was taken minutes before my daughter’s first boogie board lesson at Hapuna Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii. It was a huge milestone for her and duly documented to display in her scrapbook.

In fact, the photo joined seven others to create a double page layout showcasing her first experience riding waves. I even included a shot from this adventure to illustrate how much she had grown from the little girl, who preferred to stand on the sand and have her rubber duck body surf in to the shore, to the second grader who shredded the day away on a 1-2 foot swells.

I had a blast constructing the page designs, especially since there are so many beach-related scrapbooking embellishments available in stores and online. In addition to the photos of my daughter in action on the waves, I also blew up a picture I took of her name written in the sand and used it to decorate the page as well. I didn’t use the technique which allows you to employ photo editing software to make your own patterned paper background with the image as I thought it would overwhelm the layout. Instead, I opted for a plain sand-colored background and sprinkled a bit of real sand to make it pop, but not distract from the photos. I also featured a few origami fish, and for the page title, I used a font that had flip flops accenting each letter.

Finally, I included the following poem by Sasha Walker in a journaling block shaped like a beach house. I felt it perfectly summed up my daughter’s day of fun in the sun:


It’s not the waves you catch,
How hard or how strong.
It’s the wind in your hair,
The ocean’s song.

Knowing you can’t,
Almost certain you can.
Endless blue,
With a bare sight of land.

Getting to know the oceans,
Dolphins and fish your friends.
Too many mistakes,
That you need now not mend.

The loss of all worries,
The bad, the worst.
Nothing is practiced,
Nothing rehearsed.

The surfer’s only knowledge,
Of what’s going on,
Is the coming of the waves,
In the wake of the dawn.

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