Sunday Activities

Children may have a hard time looking at Sunday in a positive light. Often they only see the things that they are not allowed to do, rather than the positive aspects of Sunday. However there are ways to keep your children entertained while having them stay focused on the importance of the Sabbath Day.

1) “The Friend” is an excellent resource of crossword puzzles, riddles, and coloring pages that are centered on gospel topics. You can find these at, then you will need to go to “Gospel Library” and do a search. If you search for the phrase “click to enlarge” and select that the search only be done in “The Friend,” you will be amazed at the number of activities that are available. You can print a few of these off each week to keep your children entertained.

2) There are several DVD’s and videotapes that are gospel centered. We have an old VHS copy of “Lorenzo’s Songbook,” which teaches the primary songs. Other tapes you may want to choose from are “The Living Scriptures,” “Junior’s Giants,” and anything from the makers of Veggie Tales.

3) You can also purchase many board games that are focused on gospel topics. While I was growing up my family often played “Celestial Pursuit,” which was like “Trivial Pursuit” but focused on gospel facts. This would be a great activity for after church.

I have written another blog Sunday Service which talks about ways that your family can help others on Sunday. These suggestions can also be used to help entertain your young children. It is important to make Sundays a day that each member in the family looks forward to. It is also important to remember that the Sabbath is set aside as a day of rest and worship.

What are some ways that you have helped your primary-age children enjoy the Sabbath Day?