Sunday at Tiffany’s Book Review by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

patterson Do you remember ever having an imaginary friend? What if that imaginary friend showed up again, decades later, and you discovered that not only was he real, but he was everything you ever dreamed about, your one true love? The question is, of course, could you have him, or would he just disappear again?

That is just what happened to Jane Margaux, who spent many lonely days as a poor little rich girl who was neglected by her popular mother, lonely that is until Michael comes along. Jane is the only one who can see Michael, but that doesn’t matter. They spend Sunday’s at the St. Regis Plaza in New York City, eating desert, laughing and playing games. Michael encourages Jane in every way, and she is just the thing that is is needed to help her grow up into a smart, caring woman.

But when Michael spots Jane again between assignments, he wonders why. After all, she is all grown up, and his charges never remember him. Except that she does. And her remembering begins to transform him into something more real, until he wonders if he has a chance at being something more than he has ever been.

Just as they start to rediscover what they mean to each other, tragedy strikes, and they must figure out a way to make it through.

This is a wonderful little modern romance, with a simple, yet beautiful story. It is the kind of book that just begs you to curl up in the window seat on a rainy day and read in just a sitting or two. The characters are very likable and honest, and the idea of a grown man coming back to fall in love with a child he was in charge with is handled innocently.

There are no loose endings here, everything gets wrapped up as neat as a bow, including the unresolved issues Jane has with her mother.

Little, Brown and Company

ISBN-10: 031601477X

ISBN-13: 978-0316014779

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