Sunday Christians

Sunday Christians, by my definition, are those who put on their Christian face to attend church on Sunday morning, but tend to forget it on their way home. I’ve sadly seen this with many who’ve been raised in a church but have never really sought out a personal relationship with God. I see it with others too though. Perhaps some of these people may believe going to church is their way of paying respects to God. While that is good too, it’s really important to get connected so you can be effective for Christ 7 days a week.

My understanding of church is that it’s a place for fellowship with the body of Christ. It’s a place to learn of the Word, and to praise and worship God. I feel refreshed and renewed, after going. It’s a great start to my week. We definitely shouldn’t take off our “church face” once we exit the sanctuary. We should be taking the lessons we learn and applying it to our lives. We should be praising God daily and not become hypocrites.

Connecting with other believers is also important and I’m not just talking about standing next to someone in the pew. It can be really difficult to connect with other believers when you are only attending the Sunday morning (or whenever you attend) service. Does your church have small groups or classes to get involved in? If not, do you know one that does? This is a great way to have accountability and to gain new friendships with other Christians.

I sure hope church doesn’t feel like a chore for you. There are definitely mornings where I would rather sleep in or do something other than attend church. I usually feel better once I go. My husband and I found a church about a year ago that we actually get excited about attending and connecting with others in. If you aren’t in a church, I hope you’ll give that gift to yourself and others of fellowship. If you are in a church, I hope you are able to get and stay connected.