Sunday’s Best of the Best: Budget Scrapbooking

Starting with Budget Scrapbooking for this week’s best of the best on Sunday, was an easy choice. Scrapbooking on a budget is something I strive for, not to mention that it allows for a lot of creative freedom and flexibility and stimulates my mind to think outside the box.

Here are 2007’s Best of the Best Budget Scrapbooking Articles to date:

Using Embellishments That Go With Your Theme

Finding the right embellishments to fit your layout or theme is actually more complicated than one might think. Especially if you tend to do a lot of pages on actual hobbies, interests and everyday life. If you are just scrapbooking pictures than perhaps using embellishments is not as important.

Scrapbooking With Found Items

Found items can add so much to your scrapbook layouts and albums, with a spark of creativity there is so much you can do. What is a found object? It is essentially anything that would not normally be considered a scrapbook item or embellishment.

Pages for Pennies

Have you ever arrived at the counter of your scrapbook store, arms loaded with wonderful papers, embellishments and the latest and greatest tools, only to get the big shocker when the cashier rings up the total and you’ve spent far more than you thought you had? Yeah. Me too.

Where to Find Great Scrapbooking Idea Books

Most of my friends would tell you that I am queen of scrapbooking idea books and magazines. I can never seem to get enough. In fact, when I think about organizing my scrapbook room, those are often the first items I start with, because it just seems like there are so many.

Reusing Old Photo Albums

Always one for a cheap solution to a common problem, I found some ways to recycle and reuse, my old photo albums. I put them to good use, turning them into scrapbook albums, that are fun and fancy and work just as well. The benefits of reusing a typical photo album, are excellent.

Create Your Own Light Box for Scrapbooking

Light boxes can be expensive. In fact, they range so drastically in price, you almost wonder what the huge difference is, since they can so inexpensively be duplicated or created at home. Making your own light box or making something else work as a light box is really very simple.

Two More Great Ideas For Budget Scrapbook Supplies

Still on a mission, I have constantly been on the lookout lately, for some new things to use on my scrapbook layouts. I am a pretty frugal scrapbooker, as well as being fairly simple.

All New Budget Scrapbooking Supplies

On the quest for new and easy to obtain, budget conscience supplies for scrapbooking, I have found myself being creative and unique. The best part of this, is that my pages are original and really fun to create using these new supplies I’ve discovered along the way.

Different Uses For Scrapbook Supplies (1)

What do you do when you have leftover scrapbook supplies, or supplies that might be a bit outdated or not your scrapping style anymore? Should you just leave them in a drawer, so that someday you might actually be inspired to use them? Maybe.

Different Uses For Scrapbook Supplies (2)

Most scrapbookers who have been scrapbooking for any length of time, find themselves bombarded with leftover supplies, items that do not reflect who they’ve become as a scrapbooker, and items they will probably never include in an album.