Superman Keyboard + Mouse for $7.43 shipped (AR)

There isn’t supposed to be food allowed in our office. It’s the smallest room in the house (excluding bathrooms), and includes thousands of dollars worth of wall-to-wall computers, music gear, and other electronics. So why do I find food “crud” on my keyboards? “Nobody” did it. When I finally catch Nobody, he’s in big trouble. Until then, I end up replacing the three keyboards every year.

This year, the kids’ main computer is going to get a Superman keyboard. I’m not sure how thrilled my daughters will be with it, but I know the boys are going to love it! It’s the new slim style, and is USB ported. Those two things were a must for us. At $14.99, it’s a decent price. Better than what I could get for something comparable at the local office supply store. Right now, it’s a steal – there’s a $14.99 rebate attached to it through NewEgg. Free! Just pay the (reasonable) shipping.

Can this deal be made better? That’s a silly question to ask a Frugal Queen, isn’t it? Add the Superman Optical Mouse for $12.99. $12.99? How is that a deal? It’s a deal because it also has a rebate attached that makes it net zero. It raises the shipping charge a buck and change if you’re already getting the keyboard. These are really cute, and the products have good ratings from people who’ve bought them. I just sent mine off. After rebate, it will cost me $7.43 for a food-free keyboard and mouse. I’ll drink to that – in the dining room, of course.

NewEgg has an almost perfect reseller rating, including honoring their rebates. It’s something I always check especially when there’s a rebate involved because there are those companies who search for ways to deny valid rebates. With more than 13,000 positive comments, it ranks as one of the best online retailers.

Link to NewEgg Superman Keyboard Deal