Superman: The Movie: A Classic That Deserves a Renaissance

There is a memory from my childhood that I always recall with fondness. The memory involved the television premiere of Superman: The Movie and as the film began and those now famous credits began to flash forward on the screen, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

superman: chris reeve

It goes without saying that, within Superman: The Movie, Christopher Reeve defined the role of The Man of Steel. Take a look at Brandon Routh’s performance as Superman and you will very clearly see the shades of Reeve’s performance that tint Routh’s.

And with good reason, Christopher Reeve redefined the role from the campy portrayal of George Reeves in the 1950’s as the Man of Steel in the Adventures of Superman television series to a fully realized superhero who, at the same time, desires to be human.

Superman: The Movie is the origin story of Superman. With Superman: The Movie, we are treated to sweeping visuals of Superman’s home planet, Krypton, it’s tragic destruction and, eventually, Superman’s, or Kal-El as he’s known on Krypton, arrival in Smallville.

In a way, Superman: The Movie serves as a coming of age tale. We see Clark Kent as he struggles to fit in with his high school classmates (and fails) and how he adapts to losing his second, adoptive father, Jonathan Kent. Amazingly, for all the fantastic elements within the story, it’s a moving tale. One memorable early scene in the film is of Clark and Martha Kent, staring out across an ocean of wheat as Clark leaves to become Superman.

Of course, there’s action as well and anyone who recalls with fondness the scene in which Superman first saves Lois Lane from a helicopter in crisis will recall how amazing it was to first see Clark Kent transform into Superman.

The film, which was released in 1978, is a film that can be shown to many young ones without worry. It’s a classic that I recall watching during my youth with fondness. There’s enough action, drama and romance to satisfy older viewers who will, no doubt, also enjoy the nostalgia of the film and younger viewers, despite the somewhat dated effects, are sure to enjoy the story.

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