Support Small Businesses This Saturday

If you are thinking about when and how you will shop for holiday gifts this year, there is a brand new “official shopping day” this year. You already know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but have you heard of Small Business Saturday? This Saturday, November 27, is the first ever Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is a day to go out and support your local small businesses with your holiday shopping purchases.

It is great if you already support your local businesses with your everyday shopping. The holidays are a great time to discover new types of shops or businesses in your community as you look for unique and thoughtful gifts for the people that you love. Of course, many small, local businesses are home-based. Some are independent and sell products and services from their home or on the internet. Others make their products at home and offer them for sale through other small, local shops. These items are kind of a “two-fer” in that with one purchase, you support both the home-based business owner that made the product and the small local store where you bought it.

In my community alone, there are many wonderful local gift ideas to choose from. I know of people that make cheese, hot sauce, truffles, jams and jellies, knit hats, hand made soaps, and more. Downtown a few small, locally owned shops carry these items along with other merchandise. I am proud to say that my mother-in-law owns a gourmet shop downtown, and this will be her third holiday season. From speaking with her, I have come to understand just how crucial the holiday season is for small and home-based businesses. A good holiday season can make up for slower sales the rest of the year.

If you would like to learn more about Small Business Saturday, check out its page on Facebook. Don’t forget to clear some space in your schedule this Saturday for shopping at the small, local businesses in your area. The owners of these small and home-based businesses appreciate your business more than you know, and you can feel confident that each time you make a purchase from one of them you are helping to strengthen the economy in your hometown. Where will you shop on Small Business Saturday?