Survey Reveals Best Insurance Companies

smile face Which insurance companies are the best ones? This is, undoubtedly, something that would be very important for consumers to know. did an analysis that reveals how consumers feel about their many insurance policies. You may want to look over the results before buying a new insurance policy.

How happy are you with how your insurance company, or companies, treat you? Do you feel that their rates are fair? Are there some things about your insurance company that make you really dissatisfied? set out to discover which insurance companies gave their customers the most satisfaction.

They did a survey where they asked over 4,500 consumers how satisfied they were with their insurance company overall. They also asked how satisfied people were with how their insurance company handled claims processing, customer service, and “additional factors”. Consumers were also asked about how satisfied they were with the value of what they were getting, compared to the price they were paying for it.

The survey separated out different types of insurance. In other words, they compared what people thought about their auto insurance, their homeowners insurance, their health insurance, and their life insurance, individually. In addition to the above questions, consumers were also asked if they were planning on renewing their policies. also wanted to know if people would recommend their insurance company to other people.

The results of all the data revealed that three insurance companies were considered to be the best, but for differing reasons. USAA was identified as the favorite for both auto insurance, and homeowners insurance policies. For auto insurance, USAA earned an impressive rating of 98.00% The next best auto insurer was Auto-Owners Insurance, (who rated at 85.82%). In third place was The Hartford, (at 83.31%.

For homeowners insurance, USAA was at the top, with an even more impressive rating of 98.11%. Next in line was Amica Mutual (at 97.67%), followed by Chubb (at 92.19%).

For life insurance, Ameriprise Financial had the most satisfied customers, (and a rating of 90.90%). In second place was TIAA-CREF Life Insurance, with a rating of 88.85%. Transamerica was next, with a rating of 81.28%.

When it comes to health insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois was considered to be the best (by a small margin). BCBS of Illinois was given an overall rating of 84.74%. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey ended up with a rating of 84.52%. Kaiser Permanente came in third, with a rating of 84.45%.

Don’t see your insurance companies mentioned as one of the top three? You can go to the website where it talks about the survey to see more data. Find out how satisfied the customers of your insurers really are.

Image by x86x86 on Flickr