Switching Off – A Parent’s Guide to Riding at Disney Parks

Do you know what switching off is? This is a great thing to be aware of before you go to the Disney amusement parks, especially those of you with young children who may or may not be up for a ride on Space Mountain. Switching off is supported by many of the larger rides and attractions at Disney and this is how it works:

Want to Ride Space Mountain?

Do you want to take your older kids on Space Mountain, but the younger pair isn’t up for the ride? Tell the first Disney attendant that you want to switch off. The attendant will then let your family head on through the line and will alert another greeter further up the line that you and your spouse will be switching off. The second attendant is located at the turnstile where you actually board Space Mountain. When your family arrives at the turnstile, be ready for the attendant’s instructions.

The parent who is riding will go ahead and board the ride along with any other family members and older children interested in taking the ride. The other parent will remain with the children either too young or not interested in riding. When your ride is done, you will be directed the attendant unloading you to the stairs taking you back up to the boarding area.

Once you arrive back at the boarding area, you switch off with the parent who was waiting and then they get to go and take their ride. The family will then be reunited at the offloading area downstairs.

Switching Off

The ability to switch off provides you and your spouse with opportunities to enjoy rides you might not otherwise be able to, especially when young children are involved. Switching off is also available at the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain. So as you consider booking your next trip to Disney World and you worry about taking the very young kids with you, remember that switching off provides your whole family with the option to enjoy all the attractions that Disney has to offer.

Have you and your spouse ever used the switch off when you’ve gone to Disneyland or Disney World?

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