Taco Hero Recipe

Have you ever wondered what to do with leftover taco meat?

There are two things that my family is loving right now: the ground turkey that we have been getting at a local farmer’s market, and using that ground turkey for homemade tacos.

Earlier in the week, my husband cooked up about three pounds of the stuff using taco seasoning, and we naturally had our tacos that night. My eldest son, who is ten and so skinny that people wonder if he is being neglected at home, can put away eight tacos all by himself. So we usually don’t have any leftovers.

This week was a different week, though with a lot of running around for my daughter’s ice show that resulted in weird meal times and only enough time for quick bites.

Last night we got home pretty late, and despite us all wanting to just go to bed, I knew it was important that we eat a meal. My husband came up with the idea of taking the leftover taco meat, heating it up and putting it on soft shortie rolls. We also added a mexican blend cheese. The kids absolutely loved this meal that took less than five minutes to put together and could be eaten with one hand, something I noted for those times when we might have to grab something and eat in the car.

The rolls we used were Amorosa rolls purchased at Target. They are the smaller ones. The Mexican blend cheese was from Kraft–just items that we already had in our kitchen. If we had more time and energy, we might have added shredded lettuce and diced tomato to make a sort of taco sandwich. I bet that would be quite good.

Have you ever come up with a winning last minute meal using ingredients you have around the kitchen? If so, I would love to hear about it and post it for our readers.

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